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Another year near to its end -

Reflecting of what it was and what will the New year bring -

Who are we as creatures living on this planet ?? How do we define ourselves ??

What has happened to humanity ?? 

We have laughed , weeped, hoped, feared - and that's the burden of this year -

I have to admit I'm getting more upset of how this year will end -

the chaos of this year with the global pandemic - ongoing conflicts - food insecurities-

But heyy - On the bright side twitter gave us Twitter Blue - And were more lazier than before thanks to apps we can order our booze and groceries - and yet we are still debating the proper way to insert the toilet paper -

And for the love of God football becomes gayer ??what's next ?? some hockey player will come out gay ??

Who cares ?? if your bisexual or bilingual trilingual !!

Not that anything is wrong

but please - the world is in desperation for survival and not how Elon mask wants us to have implanted micro chip in our brains -

Weirdly to say i feel like I'm watching  the island of Dr. Moreau -


Just hope 2022 will be shaked and rattled from reveling the truth about UfO's  - maybe get verified ?? HA !!!

who knows ??

But lets be realistic -My thoughts is feeling better and proud of who we are - 

Personally I don't believe any normality will ever exist and yet i don't know what normal is  - though embracing the future with unprecedent challenges and uncertainty with hope things can be more stable - 

I'm fairly positive and i want to believe others can see reality the way i see it - people need to stop playing mind games and accept - we are all creatures who can be humans again spreading compassion and peace -

and more important of all -  Kindness - 


My name is Peter Graigs 

Thank you for reading -